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Twenty Thoughts

2020 / ENG


I) Everything gets better, sometime good or everything gets good, sometime better.

II) Looking back on your own life, you see what you have become, and looking at your counterpart,
you see how you would like to be.

III) Those who are always too nice often fail in life and those who often fail are usually too nice.

IV) People often show their true character much later or change it in the course of life –
and take a turn for the better or worse.

V) Why should you always be courteous while others behave so badly towards you?

VI) People don't care how you became the way you are, only that you are as you are now.

VII) Someone experiences something bad, ponders, draws the wrong conclusions, behaves badly,
thereby influences the thinking and behaviour of others, who in turn behave incorrectly themselves
and thus negatively influence their environment.

VIII) Not in spite of, but because of his experiences, a person has become who he is now.

IX) All suffering in the world is caused by the negative thinking and acting of each individual himself.

X) Permanent disasters are a curse and a blessing at the same time; otherwise we would never have had
the experiences that bring us forward in life.

XI) Positive thinking leads to a complaisant general condition of each individual – inwards and outwards –
because energies attract each other.

XII) If you have had good experiences with your instinctive feelings, you should always trust them.

XIII) The progress of science results from the ability of the human mind to process all information brought to it
in an appropriate form and to draw extensive conclusions.

XIV) A person's political orientation is measured by the intellect: the further to the right it is, the less it is existent.

XV) No one from a western industrial nation should experience what people in a developing country
have to go through, but should show gratitude that the conditions here are better than –
often subjectively felt – worse.

XVI) One should never question the presence of God and for fear doubt the existence of metaphysical phenomena.

XVII) If you fully rely on metaphysics, supernatural things will happen automatically.

XVIII) The highest goal of every human being should be to gain the ability to look behind the curtain
and to experience the last secrets of this world.

XIX) It does not matter how long someone will live; more important is how intensively she or he has lived.

XX) For me, it is a fact that all people on earth are suffering and a presumption that everything will be
better in heaven later.

 © JAMES (PATRIC) HILLER, * 10.01.1985 (IN CELLE)

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