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A Superluminal Transmission

2011 / ENG

(Scientific short story written as a fictional letter)

Dear people of the 21st century,

We discovered a method to send a message by superluminal velocity to the past. Therefore, we are trying now to find a listener to the following information which maybe can shape your future as well as our history for good.

We live now in the "Age of Virgo" which has started again 12,950 years after the birth of the Christ. In 1,545 years the "Age of Leo" will appear and bring another period of peace for the human race. Evolution has never stopped and moved on very fast because of the technological revolution. Since we put our steps on the Earth satellite Moon in 1969 and on the planet Mars in the year 2037, space exploration has continued. We settled down in several parts of our solar system and discovered many directions of the Milky Way, our home Galaxy, but have not found a possibility to cross over its border until yet. We did not make contact to other species in the universe, but we listened to some unspecified signals.

Mankind has built up a cosmic intelligence where all brains are connected in a higher instance of the ether. Communication is now possible with telepathy and the "cosmic brain" contains all information of the human race. There is only one gender (female), skin colour and scientific religion. We use artificial reproductive technique to create our perfect progeny. Our head grew up at the top in relation to our extended brain and developed intelligence. Our mouth is very small because we do not use it for taking food; we get our aliments by tablets or injections. It is also useless for talking as I described above. We have no hair anymore and our body became very thin and minor. Muscles degenerated concerning machines which do anything for us (even replicate themselves) so that we just have to use them with a biological connection. Therefore, we have lost our fifth finger because our hands do not need to be utilised. But the biggest difference between you and us are the eyes which are now very large with an almond-shaped appearance. We need their vibrancy for the wordless brain-controlled communication. Our brain waves reach luminal velocity and know what our mind will think in the future, so we have the ability to precognition. The nose and ears are very slight because they are not activated as sense organs anymore at our time. We must not sleep and live normally more than 200 years with artificial vital parts.

After the last war in the mid of the 22nd Century, the mankind understood the meaning of being a peaceful community. In this worst battle the earth has ever seen one third of the world population died. The conflict began between the two leading powers – the Northamerican Union (founded in the year 2058 between USA and Canada after the unification of Europe and the abolishment of the European sovereign countries in 2050) and the Republic of China. It started in 2161 when the collectivist eastern state China (collectivism improved the idea of communism) fought against the capitalist government of the NAU. This battle lasted almost thirty years. The Chinese came off as winners of this big war (they are now ninety percent of world population) and regenerate the mankind as a strong united community with building a world state. Money became unimportant because subjective interests and individual consumption played an irrelevant role. With using new resources from planets and meteorites of our solar system, there were plentiful commodities and the poverty of the third world disappeared. The deepest cut in history made the human being a contemplative character without enjoying sport, music or film. The mankind dedicated itself to scientific research and intellectual perfection and behave like an affectionate creature. Since that time, there has not been any crime or violence in the world at all. The earth is now one big metropolitan area with no trees and plants or animals; the oxygen is man-made. We have six civilisations beyond earth: the planet Mars, the Jupiter satellites Europa, Io, Ganymed, Kallisto and the Saturn moon Titan.

My name is AD2810231-4139J. We have just these numbers because human population has increased in more than a trillion. I have the honour to work for a scientific project in which we try to get in contact with our ancestors. You will be able to read this message before 2100 when you discovered the technology of superluminal communication. We do not have any information from the history books that this message was received by anyone. Maybe the government will suppress the acquaintance of this transmission. Please inform the United Nations about your breakthrough in the field of superluminal velocity and that you are the first lucky person ever to know something about the development of the following centuries. Our scientists are not sure what will happen if you get this data unlike to our described past. There could be the option of an opening meta-universe with an alternative future.

We received a letter from the future as well. There, it was written that the human being will become a bodiless intelligence similar to god's energy. But this would not occur before the "Age of Virgo" will return again in the astrological cycle. We were told that the post humans visited us already as time travellers a long time ago and will also visit future years.

Hopefully, you are not irritated by this historical letter and have the facility to make this message public.

Kind regards from the future,


 © JAMES (PATRIC) HILLER, * 10.01.1985 (IN CELLE)

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