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Ways to Glory


When I was young,
I decided to become
A millionaire.
But behave like a monk.
Was good to everyone.
My existence wasn‘t fun.

People treated me bad.
At that time, I was very sad.
Wanted to change something.
Kindness was banned.
I tried to understand
And I did what I can‘t

Road with two paths.
Emotion, not maths.

Then, I began
To be a big fan
Of myself.
Stole money, got honey
Out of many hives.
Cheated my wife.
What a good life!

As time goes by…

Being in abundance,
Obtained by fraud.
Good circumstances.
Seven deadly sins.
Deal with the devil.
Sowed the wind.
Did I had a choice?

Straight trip to hell,
Don‘t have to tell!

 © JAMES (PATRIC) HILLER, * 10.01.1985 (IN CELLE)

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